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Meet Our Health Professionals in Hartford

384 W. Sumner Street

Hartford, WI 53027

Main Office: (262) 223-6125


Sarah approaches therapy holistically, considering many factors that impact one’s welfare, such as the well-being of an individual’s body and spirit, for example. Sarah recognizes that the decision to seek therapy is rarely an easy one, so she works hard to create an atmosphere of warmth and collaboration. She firmly believes that real-life, tangible results are an integral part of therapy; her clients leave feeling empowered and with a specific understanding of themselves that leads to long-lasting change.

Sarah works with a wide variety of populations but has a special interest in students and young adults struggling with family and intimate relationships, individuals or couples grappling with sexual issues, and those healing from trauma. Non-judgmental acceptance, humor, and flexibility are essential pieces of her work.

Sarah received her clinical training in Couple & Family Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In her free time, she loves being outdoors, partaking in various fitness endeavors, and relaxing in the sunshine.


 Currently, Carmen is a part-time School Counselor at a local elementary school in Washington County.  She recently completed the internship track of her professional counseling journey, earning her LPC-IT (licensed professional counselor in training) and SAC-IT (substance abuse counselor in training).  She is working under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Lehmann and mentor, Gary Probst, at Hartford Counseling and Life Span Family Services.

Carmen is an active member of the community.  Coaching volleyball and serving as a volunteer NAMI Teen Connection counselor are two of her most recent involvements.  She is also QPR certified and understands the seriousness mental health can have on one’s overall wellbeing.

 As a member of the Hartford Counseling team, Carmen is well-equipped to effectively her clients explore possibilities pertaining to personal, family, educational, mental health, and career decisions. Her main goal is to help her clients create meaningful patterns within the environment in which they live, work, and play.  Carmen’s natural demeanor of openness and empathy help her clients gain a sense of security and empowerment, so she can purposefully assist the clients with whom she works. 

 Carmen’s strategies and skills are geared towards promoting, developing, and enhancing effective teamwork within the larger community.  As theories change and new research is added, she is under the belief that it is her responsibility to stay up-to-date on current research and practices to best meet the needs of her clients.  Each client comes with individual goals in mind, therefore, it is Carmen’s philosophy that each client requires a personalized treatment plan to best address client needs and help him or her progress to a healthy level of life satisfaction.


(262) 672‑4714

Tim attended Concordia University Wisconsin,  graduating with a Master of Science in Professional Counseling.  He interned under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Lehmann and mentor Gary Probst at Hartford Counseling and Life Span Family Services.  In addition to the private setting, Tim also has background in the clinical setting working in Milwaukee with individuals having a wide range of mental disorders. 

Working in Hartford, Tim is open to client’s of all ages but works especially well with youth and adolescents.  He uses a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, and specializes working with those experiencing anxiety and depression.  Tim puts a heavy focus on creating a safe place for clients, and ultimately wants to see each client become the best person they can be. 

(414) 939-9649

I believe that everyone is doing their best with what they have and that everyone has the potential to change and improve their lives with proper support and resources. Twenty seven years in mental and behavioral health has provided me with a wealth of experience with all ages. I partner with you to reach optimal wellness using a variety of skill sets to draw from including art therapy, drumming, meditation, yoga, and much more. I assist to empower you, body, mind and spirit.

I specialize in working with children, adolescents and adults using art therapy and other creative modalities. This offers the opportunity to express one's self non-verbally for a more complete picture of the whole person using a universal language, art. In addition, I am also available for speaking engagements.

LPC, Nationally Certified Counselor


Jeni works with her clients to address their mental health concerns as well as their overall mental wellness. She believes in treatment of the whole person and their strengths, not solely their weaknesses. No two mental health treatment journeys are the same so Jeni treats each person and experiences unique to what they need at the time. Jeni counsels through the lenses of person-center, cognitive-behavioral, and relational-cultural as the basis of treatment. Jeni has completed the Maternal Mental Health Webinar Certificate Course and Advance Course from Postpartum Support International. This means that Jeni is qualified to work with women who are planning a pregnancy, pregnant or new parents experiencing mental health concerns (postpartum depression and/or anxiety).

Jeni is also happy to work with those affected by depression, anxiety, work concerns, stress, and relationships.

Jeni loves the work she does, but it is not all she does. In her free time, Jeni loves to spend time with her family. She is a mom to two kids with her late husband and stepmom to two more kids with her current husband. As a family, they love to camp, spend time outside, but also have cozy movie nights inside. Jeni loves to travel and wants to see the world. So far she has been to New Zealand, Greece, India, the British Isles, the Caribbean, Mexico, and numerous US states.


Dr. Gary Probst is co-founder of The Matthew Project, Inc.

The Matthew Project, Inc.,  provides services to the people of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Dr. Probst is a graduate of Liberty University with MAs in Professional Counseling and Management & Leadership and a Psy.D. from CalSouthern. He is also a local business owner who followed his passion for helping others through a counseling effort.  He is a NAMI Counselor Educator.

Meet the Hartford Team: Meet the Team
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